Dimitrios Merges is a lawyer born and residing in Athens, practicing before the Supreme Civil Court. He has studied Law in the University of Athens (2004-2008). He continued with his post-graduate studies in Scotland, at the university of Dundee (2010-2011), specialized in the field of International and European Environmental Law. He is actively involved in cases covering the whole range of Civil Law (Family Law, Inheritance Law, Contract Law). He is specialized in the field of Property Law, dealing mainly with property purchases or sales, leasing, and legal actions regarding the registration of properties in the Cadastre.

He has handled numerous cases regarding the acquisition and renewal of residence permits for foreign citizens n Greece, due to the purchase of properties of certain value in Greece (Golden Visa). He undertakes the representation of foreign citizens in Greece, handling amongst others, their properties management in Greece, all kind of transfers for the latter. He is also providing consulting services for any tax issue that could arise and he is representing them before any public authority in Greece.