Legal Opinions on current legal issues, in particular of constitutional interest.
Upholding the rights of conscientious objectors in Greece through obtaining judgements by the European Court of Human Rights
Upholding the legal personality and standing of the Catholic Church in Greece, through a judgement by the European Court of Human Rights.
Extension of the right to enter a civil union to persons of the same sex in Greece through a judgement of the European Court of Human Rights.
Retrieval of ownership of the Greek Orphanage at the island of Prinkipos (Büyükada) (Istanbul, Turkey) by the Ecumenical Patriarchate from the Turkish State.
Prohibition of standing and incompatibilities of Greek MPs: Litigation before the European Court of Human Rights.
Participation to the legal of the Respondent Government in the case of the former King of Greece vs. Greece, before the European Court of Human Rights.
Indemnisation of land owners (individuals and associations) whose right to use their property has been curtailed in the areas of Korakovouni – Cholargos (Attica), Galatsi (Attica) and the island of Zante.
Protection of privacy and prohibition of the use of illegally obtained material before the courts.
Protection of sensitive personal medical data.
Compensation of individuals for physical damage sustained by the police.
Non-disclosure of religious beliefs on national ID cards.
Protection of the freedom of speech of journalists and public figures.
Conviction of an acting Metropolitan Bishop for hate speech.
Defense of the right of therapeutic communities to self-governance.
Upholding the right of individuals to establish medical diagnostic centres.
Upholding the right of pupils to abstain from school parades in view of their freedom of conscience.

Merger of insurance funds.
Liability for the use of public research funds.
Annulment of the impact assessment report for the construction of the Hymettus ring road (Attiki Odos).
Annulment of the impact assessment reports for the diversion of Acheloos River in Thessaly, Greece.
Annulment of the construction of the tourist port of Katapola (Amorgos Island).
Annulment of the construction of the tourist port of Katapola (Amorgos Island).
Annulment of the fencing of the Filopappos Hill (Acropolis, Athens).
Annulment of the Park Management Report of the metropolitan park “Pedion Areos” in Athens.
Annulment of the declassification of the private forest of Sfikia (Veroia, Greece) as a protected forest.
Environmental licensing of gold mines.
Protection of the recreational forest of Kaisariani.
Protection of islanders from sound pollution.
Protection of citizens from the operation of ammunition production units.
Novel uses of the Olympic Complex Facilities.
Demarcation and operation of the Industrial Zone in Voiotia, Greece.
Novel uses of heritage buildings in the historic center of Athens.
Unlawful land uses in the protected community of Monemvasia.
Protection of Antiquities of the Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Protection of the environment from the operation of energy production units that use lignite in [Agios Dimitrios (Kozani), Ptolemaida V Project, Meliti I & II (Florina), Megalopoli A & B (Arcadia)].
Protection of the natural environment from research and exploitation of natural gas reserves in Ioannina and Crete.
Operation of a Wind Power Station in the protected area of Agrafa, Greece.